If you are wondering whether or not we offer vehicle storage in the Curtis Bay area, you will be positively impressed when you see our spacious RV parking spots. It doesn’t matter if you own a camper, a motorhome, or a fifth wheel RV – our 10’x30’ RV storage spaces can accommodate nearly any type of recreational vehicle you have. Plus, we are close to plenty of highways, allowing you to get back out on the road easily!
That’s right, our RV storage location provides vehicle owners with an easy way to drive out here when they need to use our units. Because we are located roughly seven miles from Glen Burnie, right next to Patapsco River in Baltimore, you will have no problems reaching our property. Here is our address for future reference: 7949 Fort Smallwood Rd, Curtis Bay, MD 21226.
Whether you are looking for wide driveways to make it easy to maneuver your trailer or a convenient alternative to make parking your recreational vehicles worry-free, we never skimp when it comes to providing tenants with everything that they need to keep stuff safe. When you rent an RV storage unit at our facility, you will be able to benefit from video surveillance, gated access, and perimeter fencing.
There are several other things that make us one of the best self storage places for your vehicle in the Curtis Bay area, but the ability to store your RV in an affordable way is somewhere at the top of the list. Once you’ve found the recreational vehicle of your dreams, after months or years of searching and visiting RV dealers, it is a relief to save money with such a reliable RV storage solution. The extra funds that you save by storing wisely can then be spent exploring the road.
Do you have a separate parking area to house RVs for the residents in your neighborhood? Can you park your RV in the driveway or side yard, and is it safe to do so? If you answer no to any of these questions, we can help keep your vehicle safe during your next RV storage experience. Contact us today!